MdB Kai Wegner on the Berlin housing policy

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"Dear Mr. Scheidacker,

... Like you in yours Post Working out correctly, Red-Red-Green aggravates the situation on the tight Berlin housing market through a multitude of dirigiste interventions. From a cynical point of view, one could actually come to the conclusion that red-red-green wants to increase its own electoral potential through a deliberate aggravation of social ills. It is therefore all the more important to educate the citizens of Berlin that rent cover, expropriations and so on are merely populist pseudo solutions that cause great damage.

In Berlin around 100.000 apartments are missing. This urgently needed additional living space is not created by a rental cover and not by expropriations, but solely by new construction. We need more building land, faster building permits, more construction staff, fewer regulations and, above all, the clear political will to finally make home building a top priority. This includes a Berlin housing summit with all partners from the private sector, urban companies, cooperatives and the construction industry.

As regional chairman of the Berlin CDU, I will continue to be strongly committed to finally oppose the increased housing demand in Berlin with a correspondingly higher housing supply.

Mit den besten Grüßen

Kai Wegner
Member of the German Bundestag
Speaker of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group
for construction, housing, urban development and municipalities"


published here with express permission

Photographer: Yves Sucksdorff