Berlin Senate approves Mietendeckel for Nuremberg

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The Berlin Senate today launched a bill to cap rents in Nuremberg. According to the competent Senate Chancellery, this is based on an opinion according to which the Berlin Senate could be responsible for this, provided that the application of the regulations is limited to the scope of the Land Berlin and has nothing to do with rents, which are already regulated in the Civil Code and private leases are.

"We see an urgent need to protect the tenants and tenants in Nuremberg from the exceptionally high rents of this city compared to Berlin."

said today the press spokeswoman of the faction The Left of the Berlin House of Representatives. Objections of legal experts and the scientific service of the German Bundestag, according to which a legislative competence for such a regulation, she dismissed with reference to the above report:

"We just have to decide that here in Berlin, because we do not have the necessary political majorities in Nuremberg for a corresponding regulation on the ground. Although the SPD is the strongest political force in the city council, but the CSU is also there and for more than the rental price brake is not enough. The tenants and tenants in Nuremberg are therefore exposed to the tenancy law of the BGB without protection. On the other hand, we urgently need to do something. "

The Average rent in Nuremberg 2018 is currently 7,98 Euro according to the current rent index, which is around 19% more than the 6,72 Euro of the 2019 rental index of the German capital.