Mietendeckel from the perspective of a private owner

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two attitudes to Mietenteckel: Unbelief vs. exit

Through my blog, I get a lot of information from people I did not know before: letters from experts, from colleagues, (usually oral) from investors and especially from private owners. By and large, I can say that there are two fundamental tenets to rent a car: those who think they are so foreign and patently harmful, that they can not imagine it will come or last, and those who have it all and therefore take the rental cover plans seriously. The former continue as before, but wait for investment or new projects. The latter fight with hands and feet or get out of the rental.

a guest contribution

Today, with the author's permission, I would like to post a guest contribution that shows what happens in the market, based on the specific situation of a private, dedicated owner, when acting in the way that the Senate currently does:

Guest contribution: Tenant newsletter on the planned Mietendeckel

He wrote to all his tenants and explained to them what the Senate plans meant economically for the tenants. He has also explained to them how he will react if only one of his tenants derives rights from the rental cover.

Tenants and landlords together against fronts

However, I take it up here for another aspect: the owner points out that the rental cover is at least as damaging to the tenants as it is to the landlord, because he eliminates the fairness in tenancy with each other, He meets an important point when he asks his tenants to join forces with him, as a contract partner to defend against fronts and not let the relationship to each other from the hand.

Invest at the apartment level

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Who under the new rules no longer rent, but wants to use itself: personal needs

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