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Between all the lectures on Mietenteckel (Berlin), housing package (Bund) and case law (BGH, BVerfG) on the one hand and my actual work as a lawyer on the other hand, I gave a short interview two weeks ago on the current situation in the Berlin housing market on Youtube you can see.

Shortly after the conversation that appeared Report by Prof. Hans-Jürgen Papierwith which he confirms in the tone of a judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court, which he presided over for 8 years as president, that the Berlin Land legislature "from any legal point of view has a legislative competence to introduce a so-called Mietendeckels" disposes. This concludes the discussion in my opinion.

Incidentally, Black Label Properties has a good three-part English-language post on their website, in which they try to explain to their foreign investors what is currently happening on the Berlin housing market (see here ).