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Today the MietWoG appeared in the Berlin Law and Ordinance Gazette (here ). It bears the signatures of Ralf Wieland (SPD) as President of the House of Representatives and Michael Mueller (SPD) as the governing mayor.

As expected, there have been no changes to the version of the amendments of January 23.01.2020, XNUMX.

In particular, the fact remains that, according to the wording of the law in § 3 (5), only net cold rental contracts are included in the wording, but gross or partially inclusive rental contracts are not.

It has also remained the same, and could not be changed, that the law only applies in Berlin, so that the Owi facts in Section 11 are not implemented outside of Berlin's national borders. Foreign owners with rental accounts outside of Berlin now have an advantage in this regard. So it affects the small private Berlin individual owner with his old-age provision. The Luxembourg corporation with a rental account in Munich, on the other hand, is located outside the scope and does not accept any funds in Berlin.

So that the rental cover is good for something:

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