The first week of rental covers: facts and figures

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RentWoG Berlin came into force on February 23.02.2020, XNUMX.

  • Today (Sunday, March 01.03.2020st, 7.30 at 2.022 am) there are 1,9 rental advertisements for Immoscout in Berlin. These are all apartment sizes in all locations at all prices. This is 0,11% in a city with XNUMX million apartments.
  • The number of sales advertisements for condominiums in Berlin listed today at Immoscout is 6.605.
  • A restriction of the search parameters for rentals to construction years up to 2013, ie to apartments that are subject to the rental cover, reduces the number of advertisements to 1.241. On the first few pages (I have not looked through all of them), some of the advertisements are many times above the rent cap limits, i.e. either the providers are not informed that the limits already apply when they are rented out, or they consider the law to be ineffective and are prepared to to fight with the district offices and the senate, whatever it may cost.
  • Clemens Fuest, President of the Ifo Institute, has here  (from minute 46:24) on the rental cover and announced exactly this.
  • The number of layoffs that we see in our practice and hear from the environment remains high. In discussions with colleagues, it is discussed that this is not only the case with us.
  • Relocations of owners and bank accounts to locations outside Berlin are increasing, as is the relocation of owner companies to external registers. In future, their taxes will be paid elsewhere.
  • We are informed by several property management companies that foreign owners have given up short-term administrative mandates this week. Explanations: On-site property support should no longer take place for cost reasons, access to property documents or information by the local district offices should be prevented.

So that the rental cover is good for something:

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