Interview with Tanja Kamp

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Ms. Kamp, you are co-owner of the agency "Berlin's New Children", which specializes in image films and image campaigns for companies. What exactly do you have to imagine?

We mix up industries with moving images by telling stories about companies with our videos and campaigns that are different from common headlines or generally known clichés. We show companies how they can present themselves on the internet and especially on social media in order to be as successful in 5 years as they are now.

With its employees, its product or its services and its very own signature, a company is the stuff of a wonderful script. With its help, opinions can be changed, sales increased and interests aroused. It is obvious that companies should play a major role in the development of such a “script” when one day it was seen by journalists from the daily press.

However, we not only develop such “scripts” for films and image campaigns, we also implement them or enable our customers' employees to create content that fits the “script”, ie the language of the company, for their social media channels, their blog / podcast or to produce the website.

How small or large does the company have to be for such a film or campaign to make sense?

Basically, it doesn't matter how big a company is. Stories worth telling can be found wherever there are people. However, since depending on the product - whole campaign or individual films - we deal with the customer and his company in great detail, it is more profitable for communication if there is already a marketing department with one or more employees.

What is the added value for the company?

We understand today's rebels and activists. Those who no longer want to leave the fate of this earth to politics and business and who are the decision-makers of tomorrow. We are these people ourselves. We know how and where the young target group has to be addressed so that interest and open communication can arise.

Many industries are currently in a bad position with the decision-makers of tomorrow. "Polluting the environment, profit-making, too conservative".

We help companies to develop a screenplay for their external communication that shows them from another side. From a side that can rekindle interest, understanding and enthusiasm for the industry and positions itself against polarizing newspaper headlines and TV reports. Strong images and strong opinions are everything in today's age! It is really important that industries are instrumental in shaping opinion about their subject so as not to experience a nasty surprise one day.

Can you give us an example of this?

Yes, of course, a lot. Think, for example, of the Philip Morris group or the BILD newspaper. Until a few years ago, smoking was one of the coolest things there was. Everyone will remember the cool Marlboro man riding through the desert wearing a cowboy hat and horse.

Today smokers are the people who have to stand in front of public buildings like a penguin family squeezed together in the rain and cold. Philipp Morris had to lay off employees, young specialist staff stayed away for a long time and confidence in the brand declined. It was only when the group started a large-scale market analysis and began to listen to its customers that trust in the brand came back through the development of Iqos.

It is similar with the BILD newspaper. It was and is the newspaper with the highest circulation in Germany. But the number of readers has dropped massively in recent years! BILD your opinion has become a program, but unfortunately to the disadvantage of those who have developed this advertising slogan.

What specifically can you do for companies in the real estate industry?

The real estate industry faces a similar fate as Philip Morris or BILD.

You have to explain that to me.

The cliché of suit wearers and rental sharks has always been around, but thanks to the rental cover, the fronts are getting harder and harder. Tenants and landlords lose contact with each other - communication is only possible through lawyers or in a charged mood. Which means that open, unbiased communication is no longer possible. This is the worst thing that can happen to an industry. Because good communication means understanding through information and respect.

The real estate industry must seek close contact with its customers and work on their image. Social media is a space in which not only direct communication can take place, but also information, experiences and stories can be shared. A perfect place to improve your own image and meet people wherever they are and feel safe. Companies can achieve that with us.

OK. Please tell us how an image film is made with you?

After a company has commissioned us, we create a concept based on a questionnaire and a personal conversation. Depending on the desired locations and people to be portrayed, this takes about 1-2 days.

As soon as the customer is satisfied with it, we make suggestions to the people acting in front of the camera as to how we want to stage them, and develop interview statements. It is very important, especially for inexperienced users, that they feel comfortable in their skin and with what they say in front of the camera. Communication takes place here either with the marketing department or with the contributors themselves.

After that we spend 1 to 2 days with and with the company. Here it is particularly important to disturb the daily work processes as little as possible and still get pictures that are as close as possible to what is happening in a company. Here we rely on open and transparent communication, with which we have had very good experiences so far.

After the shoot, we go into post-production for about 2-4 days. An image film therefore takes 5-8 days from conception to the finished film.

And what happens afterwards? So what does such a campaign look like?

The difference between a campaign and a single film is that an image film packs a company's story into a single film. This is about showing what makes a company exciting and emotional in a short time. What image films do is to arouse interest in the company and to position themselves positively in the short term.

If, however, it is about a long-term image improvement, image change, additional sales or opening up a new target group, we recommend a campaign. Our entry-level product is a social media campaign with a playout period of one month. As in the image film, the filming effort in and for the company is about 2 days. But then material is not made for a longer film, but for up to ten short films. In addition, photos and interviews are taken, and information is collected for graphic posts.

Depending on requirements, we publish the campaign for the company or pass the material on to the customer. A success analysis and supervision of the campaign are of course also part of it. In this way, customers can approach social media and freely choose the level of control and participation in these measures.

What lead time do you have to expect when you call them first and want to discuss a possible film project?

After a positive initial interview, a member of our team comes over within a few days to outline wishes and ideas and to get a feel for the company. We present the products that we believe fit our customer's needs and then decide together on another path.

If during the initial telephone conversation the customer is very clear about what it should be about (example: 1 film for the website as well as LinkedIn, which sets the scene for the new spring product), we can use a questionnaire that the customer will receive to provide all further details clarify and already create a first concept. Here we adapt to the needs of the customers and pick them up as best as possible from their development point of view.

What distinguishes you from other film agencies?

With us, the name says it all. Berlin's new children looks at companies and industries through the eyes of children - carelessly, free of prejudice, curious and always looking for something special!

The creation of media products has become assembly line work and mass production for many industry partners. There is no more room for creativity and innovation. We, on the other hand, take the time to develop a story and a language for companies that convey their essence in an authentic and high-quality manner.

We may be called megalomaniac, but we really want to change something in this world together with our customers.

Where does your company name actually come from?

Berlin's new children was first of all a podcast that talked about Berlin clichés and introduced people who think outside the box. The podcast did not prevail, but instead an agency that was founded by three newcomers and therefore called "Berlin's new children".

The name is meant to remind us and everyone else not to forget our inner child and sometimes to look at the world through his eyes. True to the motto: When the child was a child, it played with enthusiasm. And that's exactly how we make our films.

Ms. Kamp, thank you very much for taking the time to do the interview.