Conversion ban: visiting the 11th Berlin Real Estate Talks on 29.09.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

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Achim Amann from Black Label Immobilien has invited me to talk to him about real estate again, this time on the planned conversion ban with the new § 250 BauGB. I am pleased about the opportunity and gladly take it.

Lt. Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing converted 12.689 rental apartments into condominiums in the capital last year. Federal Building Minister Seehofer wants to legally authorize the authorities to ban this conversion of rental apartments into condominiums in areas with a tight housing market for five years.

According to the bill, a conversion should only be approved in individual cases and only if:
  • the property belongs to an estate and condominium or partial ownership is to be established in favor of co-heirs or legatees,
  • the condominium or part of the property is to be sold to family members of the owner for their own use,
  • the condominium or partial ownership is to be sold to at least two thirds of the tenants for their own use,
  • if the receipt of rental accommodation is not economically reasonable or
  • if third party claims for the transfer of residential property or partial ownership cannot be met without the approval.

You can find the draft bill here , the planned § 250 BauGB in it on page 10.

In the live chat on September 29.09.2020, 19 at XNUMX p.m. we will discuss the following topics:

  • How far is the bill on the conversion ban?
  • What specific effects will the law have in which areas of Germany?
  • What should apartment building owners do now?
  • What should buyers of apartment buildings know now?

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Here is the YouTube link to the recording: