Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at 17 p.m .: Online seminar on the BVerfG's rent cap decision

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You can find the decision in the original here. The annulment of the law by the BVerfG raises various questions, including:

- Calculation of and handling of residues
- Dealing with suspended rent increases
- Implementation of court settlements
- Termination by tenants due to arrears
- Adjustment of interim contracts with top rent
- What will apply to new rentals in the future?

In addition to the direct effects, there are also indirect ones: the rent brake is becoming more relevant again. Conny GmbH is already advertising in large advertisements in Berlin's online media to cushion the consequences of the rent cap decision. Against this background, the already very controversial index rent index published by the Senate at the beginning of May is also relevant.

I am offering a short-term seminar on this coming Tuesday at 17 p.m. you can here to register. There is an opportunity to ask questions and discuss them together.