Clubhouse 9:XNUMX - the relaxed real estate talk

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From April to June I always meet Christopher Brée on Mondays at 20.30 p.m. Clubhouse met to talk relaxed about the current developments. We have currently discontinued the format. We are currently considering whether, when and in what form we will take it up again.

I thank Christopher for the exciting discussions!

Topics were:

1st topic of the week

The real estate market is moving in waves. There are long-term and there are short-term. This has an impact on what we as participants have to do, what our customers or clients demand from us and how things develop.

The topic of the week is about what is particularly preoccupying us right now - an anecdotal micro-view of the market, representative of its greater development.

2. educated guess: speculative matters and beliefs

With our daily things we move within a larger framework that is set by politics, the press and the social context in general. We have opinions on this that are not necessarily already finalized and can continue to develop.

In casual conversation, we speculate about what's going on and what it might mean for us, especially from a real estate perspective. Without claim to completeness or correctness and with an open view of other forms of investment.

3. the smart idea

What have we always been doing that can be done differently, perhaps better? What idea did we encounter in the last week that we can use to simplify our everyday life?

4. the motto of the week

Take all things seriously, but not take any seriously. Or so. Finally, a thought from someone else with whom we can start the week mentally strengthened.