Tobias Scheidacker in an interview at BusinessTalk am KuDamm

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I am very happy that I Claudia Bechstein was able to answer questions in a short interview on the role of the notary and the differences to my work as a lawyer. Among other things, she asked me

  • what appeals to me so much about the notarial work that after 20 years as a real estate lawyer I have pursued this expansion again,
  • what the notarial neutrality obligation means,
  • which tasks I take on as a notary in the transfer of real estate and which not,
  • why notarial contracts are always read out,
  • how long it takes to sell real estate from the notary to acquiring ownership in the land register and
  • why we need notaries when buying real estate in Germany when you can do without in other countries.

the video is here on Youtube to find.