Interview: Inheritance and inheritance of real estate

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The team from the Business talk on the Kudamm was my guest at my office. In the Interview with Claudia Bechstein it was about the topic of inheritance and inheritance of real estate.

Among other things, these questions were asked:

What is the significance of wills and what role do they play in property succession? Which aspects should be particularly considered when drafting a will?

What is a certificate of inheritance and what is it needed for? What information must be provided to apply for a certificate of inheritance?

How is a property divided after the death of the testator? What are the options for dividing up the inheritance and how can a dispute between the heirs be avoided?

How can an anticipated inheritance or a gift of real estate be optimally structured from a legal and tax point of view? What are the advantages and disadvantages in relation to the early transfer of real estate to heirs or third parties?

Which tax aspects have to be considered when inheriting or donating real estate? Are there ways to optimize or reduce inheritance tax or gift tax?